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Fists in Solidarity

Grow Your Career

Explore impactful career opportunities at HLTHX, where innovation, collaboration, and a commitment to improving healthcare converge, offering a dynamic environment for professional growth and the chance to make a meaningful difference in patients' lives.

About Us

Who We Are.

HLTHX originates from a foundation of digitally infused primary, behavioral, and convenience care to address health, wellness, preventative, and chronic condition management.

Our holistic, purpose-driven care delivery approach assures member access through scheduled and unscheduled digital and virtual wellness, preventative, chronic condition, and behavioral health visits, supported by our integrated clinical, advocacy, care management, and navigation team.

HLTHX effectively drives care to members —into their homes, their workspace, and their travels— creating a continuous long-term relationship with members and their families rather than the fragmented, episodic, and transactional interactions of conventional care; a relationship to meet healthcare needs when, where, and how members, their families, and caregivers want to connect.


We humanize healthcare by engaging, empowering, and activating individuals to own their health journey.


Activated HLTHX members are captain of their health journey empowered by their HLTHX team who guides through challenges and advocates in times of vulnerability, while appropriately managing cost of care.


Compassion, innovation, and integrity are the cornerstones of our healthcare commitment. United by a collaborative spirit, we relentlessly pursue excellence, setting benchmarks in continual improvement for the well-being of all we serve.

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