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hlthxUP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hlthxUP medical weight loss program?  

The hlthxUP medical weight loss program was developed by clinicians specifically to support individuals who choose to utilize medications as part of their weight loss and maintenance program. Because your safety is our number one priority, this program is delivered by licensed medical physicians and certified clinical professionals to support your medical weight loss journey. Your health deserves high quality care.  

How does the hlthxUP medical weight loss journey work? 

Our goal is to help you to meet your goal the healthiest and safest way possible. Utilizing evidence-based medicine, the base for your hlthxUP medical weight loss journey is clinically sound and tested. Together as we start the relationship, you and your hlthxUP care team co-create a personalized medical weight loss journey focused on your preferred outcomes while taking into account your personal history and needs. We may agree to adjust the plan as we chart your progress on medical treatment. You will meet with your medical weight loss doctor and be supported on your journey by a registered nurse care manager and a designated hlthxUP Guide. 

How will we communicate? What if I have questions or problems?  

We care about you and want you to have a supportive hlthxUP experience. We want to hear about your successes as well as your challenges. To facilitate communication, you and your hlthxUP team can connect via texting, email, phone calls and face-to-face video visits during your hlthxUP medical weight loss journey. Please contact your hlthxUP team with your questions so we can assure you have a thorough understanding of how to use your medication. We are here to support you. 

What's included in my hlthxUP membership? 

Membership includes concierge access to the hlthxUP care team of medical doctors, care management nurses, wellness coaches and guides. Together, we develop your personalized medical weight loss journey. We have vetted reputable, high-quality compound pharmacies that surpass regulatory requirements and exceed safety standards. To deliver top value to you, wethen negotiated pricing that we can pass to hlthxUP members to assure a monthly subscription that rivals other market offerings while offering you the medical expertise and clinical care team that supports your hlthxUP medical weight loss program. You deserve to  receive top quality care at a responsible price point while meeting your personal health goals. Your body deserves the hlthxUP experience.   


Your hlthxUP medical weight loss membership includes:  

  • Your weight loss medication compound (Semaglutide or Tirzapetide) mailed directly to you  

  • Introductory visit with your hlthxUP Guide & licensed Physician 

  • Your personalized medical weight loss journey  

  • Monthly virtual visit with your hlthxUP nurse Care Manager to assure you are progressing and to swiftly address any challenges  

  • Unlimited chat with your hlthxUP Care Team  

  • Ad hoc communications with your Guide such as for check-ins, wellness-based articles and other supports... and especially celebrating your success 

Why do I need a telehealth visit? 

Your safety is the number one priority of your hlthxUP team. During your telehealth consultation, a licensed hlthxUP physician will review your medical history, current medications, and other health-related information to ensure that the selected treatment plan and associated medications are safe and specific to your health and wellness goals. For most other communications, unless required from a regulatory or safety reason, we can be flexible about how we communicate to include texting, email, and phone calls. 

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